York, UK
My study abroad experience at YSJ University

To be honest, I was searching for a town which suits me most in term of lifestyle. Then, I found that York is one of my answers to spend a year of study with its rich ancient history, romantic ambience and many fun activities. York is the perfect place to stay for study and I can guarantee that you will fall in love with York from the first moment you visit like me.

YSJ University has a great campus and the course of MA Leadership and Management is interesting. From September 2011, I studied in York and it was a phenomenal experience which I was lucky to get. I have been able to have the best year in YSJ University and I feel I made the best of being in York town. Studying at YSJ was the best option in order to integrate and learn new experiences, and it still allowed me to have spare time to enjoy many activities. I was able to improve various learning skills because the courses I took were extremely interesting, and certainly gave me a broader and deeper knowledge not only of British culture but also other cultures from my international classmates. It has been an experience of a lifetime. Moreover, YSJ University is located in the centre of historic city of York. Other facilities in campus include dance studio, music room, nice library, catering outlets and students’ Union area where provide bar, and coffee shop. Also offer accommodation of various types approximately 15 minutes walk. My room was studio type called Percy’s Lane. It is one-bed studio room includes kitchen, bathroom, and internet access. Travelling from York is easy, I was enjoying the benefits of excellent rail and motorway networks, and York is undoubtedly one of the most easily accessible in the UK. Direct rail links bringing me to London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, and more within two-hour maximum.

Studying abroad in YSJ University was a fantastic experience for me. There cannot be a better plan to study than the city of York. I spent a wonderful year there. I wish I could spend more time to learn and take more opportunities from the class and the city itself. My MA class was the best experience ever and friendly atmosphere in campus was absolutely amazing. It has got an amazing feel of home for me. The experience of university life cannot be described by words but I can tell that you will cherish every moment of dazzling both academic and happiness year abroad in YSJ University.   

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your support. Without your kindness and generosity, I would not be able to pass many obstacles smoothly as it is. I still remember the first day we met and the first time you guide me perfectly in every single detail. You started talking with friendly conversation about my life and my lifestyle. You also guided me to the University where I found it match for me. Throughout the year of my Master in York UK, you came to visit Thai students in York so often with warmly Thai meetings. I could not more bless having any support during my abroad life like Smile Campus do. Your support made my study life truly memorable. I wish to thank you again for your invaluable support during all one-year university life in UK.

Ploypawan Beokhaimook (Poyd)
YSJ: MA Leadership and Management
Class 2011
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