น้อง Far Jitsupa
York, UK
Hi everyone, my name is “FAR”. I am studying master degree in Business Administration course at York St. John University. In the beginning, I have done a lot of research about ranking of university in UK until I met P’ A a who is the owner of Smile Campus. They make me realised about the safety of living is very important than ranking of university because this is my first time to study aboard.

I really appriciate P’A because they provided me a lot of information about universities and cities. Moreover, they helping me prepared documents for my Visa, sent me to do the IOM at the hospital, booked my flight and guilding me about how to live over here. Due to the fact, I have lived in Lampang so everything that they done for me is absolutely helpful. Furthermore, I feel like P’A take care of me like I am their little sister because untill now they still keep in touch with me and they always ask me how everythig is going on. 

Last but not least, I want to say “THANK YOU to P’A indeed for everything” because I found out that York is a very lovely and safe city to live in. It is full of historical and attractive places. I feel very happy and I enjoy my life in every minute that I live over here. 

Far Jitsupa
York St.Jhon University, UK
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