New Castle, UK
A wonderful experience in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Hello everybody my name's Pang. I spent my life in Newcastle for 10 months. I know it's quite a long time but for me I feel like just only a couple of months. I've been studying at International House (Ih) which is such a wonderful language school I've ever had in my life. There are many professional teachers and I also met many friends from around the world. They are so friendly. That's why my English has improved so quickly since the first 3 months in NCL.

I can't believe that. I realise everything in English and even my dream is in English mode too!!!! I'm so proud to say that :) And one of my  luckiest things is I met a very kind host family. They look after me as if I'm their kid so I feel like I'm one of their family members. Not only my general perspectives that automatically converted into English , I also learnt how to cook English & Scottish food. I'm gonna tell you that I learnt all English systems!!!!! It's awesome!!!
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